Automatic. Magic.

What if you never had
to collect another parcel?

Phone showing a notification that your parcel is gonna be delivered in a few minutes

Welcome 2019:
Deliveries for
generation Slack.

How it works
How it works
Use your Teleportr address while shopping online.
You receive your personal address after registration
Charlie Smith
Teleportr 1234
12 Hub Street
A9 9AA Hubsville
Delivery van delivering your parcels to a Teleportr hub
We accept your parcels for you during the day
Tracked and insured, of course.
Teleportr delivery scooter on its way to you
You get home from
yoga, …
work, …
drinks, …
the gym, …
dinner, …
shopping, …
… and we spring into action!
The Teleportr app automatically informs our delivery team, without you lifting a finger.
Your home where you are arriving
The result:
Parcels that appear,
only when you're home.
On the go? We deliver again and again,
until your parcel is in your hands – for free.
Test for free
The Teleportr app icon
The Teleportr App
In development
A glimpse of the application
A screenshot which shows that Teleportr is  only using 1% battery
Gentle on battery
Apps that use your location drain your battery? That doesn't have to be!
Privacy protecting
Do we know where you are the whole time? No, we don't (and don't want to)!
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